Officers Wanted!

CUPU is looking for officers!  Any member is welcome to run, though we especially encourage new postdocs to do so, as they will (by definition) be at Carleton the longest and so any decisions CUPU makes will have the most effect on them.  One of the nice things about becoming an officer now, as CUPU is starting, is that the number of available positions, and their responsibilities, are fairly fluid.  Our preliminary plan is to copy the basic structure of the executive of the postdoctoral association, which had five members: President, Executive VP, VP External Relations, VP Internal Communications, and VP Finance.  However, in theory these positions can be changed or merged and new positions created, so don’t feel that you can’t become an officer if you don’t see yourself fitting into any of those positions, or if you’re interested in something that doesn’t seem to be the responsibility of any of them.  Those who are interested, or who simply wish to know more, should contact CUPU president Will Leight,

Officers Wanted!

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