Who’s Who at the CUPA bargaining table

Judith Brown is a postdoctoral fellow in Computer Science.  She leads the bargaining team. Her email address is JudithM.Brown@carleton.ca

William Leight is a research associate in the Physics department. He is the current president of CUPA and a member of the bargaining team. His email address is wleight@physics.carleton.ca

We are well supported by The Public Service Alliance of Canada and are very grateful to have this strong union at our side.  They have a history of successful negotiations for postdocs at Memorial U., Queens U. and McGill U.

Gail Lem is our negotiator  We are very fortunate to have Gail. She has negotiated other first contracts for post docs and has a lot of experience at the bargaining table.

Tim McIntyre and Erin Sirett are our researchers.

Ginette Jalbert is our local representative.  We look forward to working closely with Ginette in the furture.

We also have strong support from CUPA post docs across campus, which is a necessary part of having a strong position at the bargaining table.

Who’s Who at the CUPA bargaining table

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