Hello Carleton University Post-doctoral Association (CUPA) members,

There are now 44 internal post docs at Carleton.  To new post docs, a warm welcome from your union, CUPA!  We exist to represent you when we bargain with the University for better working conditions, salary, and benefits or when you need to defend your rights.

CUPA is now negotiating a collective agreement with the University, a process begun two years ago.  Here’s an update:

Progress: We are moving very rapidly towards having a signed collective agreement for internal post docs at Carleton.  We last negotiated on Sept 21 and 22.  There are now only 10 articles left on the table.  The entire agreement is coming together and we predict a very good first agreement, providing we have your support. We expect to complete negotiations on Monday October 26th.

The bargaining team: Your bargaining team is now Judith Brown supported by negotiator Gail Lem of PSAC and William Leight of CUPA.  Sadly, Erin Sirett, our researcher from PSAC is leaving us.  However, we are expecting to be assigned a PSAC representative in the coming days. To show the University that we have the support of CUPA members we need one person to join us for the last full day of negotiations on Monday October 26th.

Give us your support: We really do expect to finish on Monday October 26th.  Both sides are very eager to finish and our conciliator is pushing us to complete as well.  Your support has never been more important. The bargaining team requires the support of its members to negotiate from a position of strength.  Here’s some things you could do for us:

  1. Join the bargaining team: No experience necessary.  One day commitment.  Tell Judith you’re interested.
  1. Email Judith or Will and send us your thoughts, questions, or a simple note of encouragement.
  1. Email Judith or Will and say you’d like to talk. Alternately, say yes, when we contact you!
  1. Join our group on LinkedIn:You should already have received an invitation, please contact Will if you didn’t.

To those of you who came to the CUPA meeting on Sept 21 thank you!  It was great to have your support.


Your CUPA Executive, William Leight ( and Judith Brown (


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